Energy Saver’s Maintenance Club – $14.95/month

It’s important to protect your home’s HVAC investment, and now it’s easy and cost-effective too!

The Energy Saver’s Maintenance Club Membership makes financial sense…

1. Prevent Breakdowns. When it comes to your heating & cooling system, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. Small problems left unattended can become big problems later. Regular maintenance will catch many of these problems before they result in expensive repairs.

2. Extend Equipment Lifespan. Equipment that is clogged with dirt, dust and grime has to work harder and longer to create the same amount of heating or cooling, which leads to early burnout and failure. Your home’s heating and cooling mechanical system will last longer with good maintenance.

3. Discounted Repairs. If something does go wrong, you pay less. Maintenance Club members save 15% on all repairs. Or, if a new system makes better sense than continuing with repairs, you’ll save 5% on the cost of new equipment.

4. Lifetime Warranty on Repairs. If your Maintenance Club Membership stays current all repairs will receive a lifetime warranty. If you cancel your Maintenance Club Membership the warranty reverts to a one-year parts and 30-day labor warranty (excludes filters and IAQ cells/bulbs).

5. Priority Customer Status. Our Maintenance Club Members are our top priority! If you call with a breakdown or concern, we guarantee to be out to your home within 24 hours of your call.

6. Keep your Warranty in Effect. All manufacturers of heating & cooling equipment recommend annual maintenance. What you may not realize is that the fine print of your warranty requires regular maintenance to keep your warranty in effect.

7. Peace of Mind. You can relax knowing that you always have a reliable company to call if you ever have a service need. No more frustrating or frantic searches in the middle of August to get you’re A/C working again.

8. Inflation Protection.
Once you start your Maintenance Club Membership you are guaranteed the same monthly rate for life as long as you keep it active.

Included in your Energy Saver’s Maintenance Club Membership:

  • Annual Spring Maintenance & Safety Inspection Visit (Feb – Mar)
  • Annual Fall Maintenance & Safety Inspection Visit (Oct – Nov)
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs
  • Immediate $avings -15% off Repairs or 5% off New Equipment Purchase
  • Priority Front-of-the-Line Service
  • Free Diagnostic Service
  • Low Monthly Payment Plan – only $14.95
  • Peace of Mind with Auto Payment
  • Inflation Protection
  • No Contract – Cancel Anytime

Prevention is always better and cheaper than a costly repair or replacement.

Expert Service With Trusted Guarantees
  • Trusted Quote: We guarantee to only offer products and services you need. We will not sell you anything that will not increase efficiency, improve air quality or otherwise reduce your overall energy expense.

  • Trusted Price: We guarantee to beat any competitors price. If you provide us with a written quote (comparing apples-to-apples products/services) from a local competitor we will beat it by $100.

  • Trusted Product: We guarantee to use the industry products that will best meet your needs, and we install according to the manufacturer's standards and requirements.

  • Trusted Technicians: We guarantee our technicians are trustworthy, reliable, and competent to complete the services you hired us to perform.

  • Trusted Workmanship: We guarantee the services performed will be to your satisfaction, or we will do whatever it takes to make it right.